What Are the Causes of Divorce?

There are several reasons why couples divorce. Most couples disagree on the causes of divorce, but some things are certain. Growing apart is a major cause, cited by 55 percent of divorced couples. Other causes are money disputes and infidelity. Incompatibility can be an ongoing source of friction, leading to arguments, infidelity, or an extramarital affair. Regardless of the exact reason, it is important to keep in mind that the safety of the victim spouse is your highest priority.

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Despite its prevalence, lack of commitment is not as easily defined as other causes. Some signs of lack of commitment may be more proximate to other problems. For example, one person may not have the same financial goals as the other partner. Insufficient communication is another major cause. Another factor could be spousal abuse. In any case, both partners need time and space to move on with their lives. However, it is difficult to determine which reasons are the main causes of divorce.

Incompatibility between partners is another major reason for divorce. When two people disagree about how much they are willing to spend, they often face financial difficulties. For example, if one person makes too much money, their spouse may not, either. This strain is even greater when the couple is young and unprepared for a child. It is also difficult to manage money in a new relationship when the couple does not share the same priorities, which may result in a divorce.

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