Top 3 Fashion Styles in UAE

Hey! Searching for the trendiest fashion tips and tricks must get boring and annoying at some point. After all, you cannot keep up with all the micro-trends and replace your closet with the newest corset or pair of pants. That alone is such a waste of money, not to mention effort.

These styles change in the blink of an eye and following them to the dot would be, quite frankly, insane. Social media and culture both influence these fashion styles. If you are quick with picking up these styles and your predictions come true, good for you! But if you are like most people and live a very busy life, you won’t have time to know what all the hype is these days. That is not something to worry about as right here you will quickly learn about 3 styles that are classy and timeless. You cannot go wrong with these fits!

In case you are wondering what these so-called fashion styles are, keep on reading to find out the most hyped top 3 Fashion Styles in UAE.

1- Long Skirts

Long skirts are all in, yes sir! Some may think back to the early 1990s and 2000s where skirts were the most bottoms. Now, the flowier your skirt is, the better. A big skirt goes along with anything, and allows you leg room without feeling too claustrophobic. A crop top or a full-sleeved blouse – all fit well with a nice skirt. A high-waisted skirt or a textured one, all look very gorgeous in casual settings. One good thing is Namshi offering a great range of discount for any kind of skirts, pants, shirts, shoes or jewelry you want to buy. Even better are the exclusive brand pieces available on no other site that you can avail through the Namshi Codes!

2- Layering with funky jewelry

This is a concept that all teenagers seem to roll with. The art to layering your jewelry is one that is not hard to master. You have to pay attention to the setting and the extent to which you want your look to be funky. If you are fine with a rougher look, longer chains with stones and pendants may be perfect for you.

Lady Mauve has the best layered pieces which you can further mix with other necklaces or wear as they are. Bracelets and bangles are the perfect wrist wear which you can layer to your heart’s content. Cerruti 1881 has terrific and timeless bracelets, both delicate and bold. You can pair them up with simple bangles to accentuate your look.

2- Maxi dresses

In UAE, the dresses that are considered the best are those that are modest without sacrificing the overall fashion of a person. To many this could be a hassle but you could easily add a few maxi dresses that are airy and pretty to accentuate your entire vibe. After all summer dresses are in right now.

Namshi offers exclusive and gorgeous band pieces that are to die for! With brands like Ella and Khizana, their limited edition dresses are truly a sight for sore eyes with their organza, silk and polyester pieces.

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