How to Write an Essay Example

The question “how to write an essay example” is often asked for a personal story or a life-changing experience. This structure shows the importance of valuing other people or entities in one’s life. The body paragraphs will describe the influence and then move on to the effect. The cause-and-effect structure can be broken up into a separate cause and effect section, or merged into one. A well-written essay will incorporate both these aspects.

Then, the conclusion will state the main theme and outcomes of the essay. It may also have a call to action. It should be compelling and leave a lasting impression in the mind of the reader. After writing the outline, revising and proofreading will help you make sure the essay follows the correct outline. It is imperative to make sure every paragraph and example supports the thesis statement. Otherwise, the whole essay will fail to achieve its objective.

The introduction paragraph is the first part of an essay. It informs the reader about the topic, and should start with a strong hook statement. A good hook statement can be a story, a joke, or even facts. In the body, provide evidence or information that supports the main idea. The conclusion is the last part of the essay. Remember to use strong hook statements throughout the essay. There are many different ways to start an essay, and a good example is to use a quote.

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