How Long After LASIK Can I See 20/20?

A successful LASIK procedure will provide patients with near and distance vision. While you may be able to see 20/20 with LASIK, the results won’t last forever, and some patients will still need glasses or contact lenses for driving at night. However, you can expect to see a great improvement in your vision after the procedure. Regardless of your age, you’ll probably find that your vision is still better than 20/40.

There are many potential risks and side effects of LASIK. Some patients may experience problems seeing at night or in bright light, such as glare. Some patients may also experience a bruise on the skin around the eye, known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Although these side effects may be uncomfortable, they are temporary and should not interfere with your vision.

Most patients can see 20 or better within a month of their LASIK procedure. Some patients may require additional laser treatment for a residual prescription, but the process is easier and more accurate than the original procedure. The risk increases if your prescription is higher than 20/20. While 20/20 vision is the most common outcome of LASIK, it’s important to realize that vision may continue to fluctuate for up to six months following the procedure.

Approximately one month after LASIK, most patients can see the first 20/20 line on the standard vision chart. However, some individuals may experience glare and starbursts at night, as well as symptoms associated with overworking, dehydration, or poor sleeping habits. If you are unsure whether you’ll be able to see 20/20 after your surgery, contact your surgeon.

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