Choosing Which Language is Supported on Both Linux and Windows Hosting Platforms

Before choosing which language to use for your website, it is important to understand the basic differences between the two hosting platforms. While HTML and CSS will work on both systems, a PHP application will likely perform better on a Linux server. These differences are not all that significant if you are just starting out with web hosting. Both platforms are widely used for hosting websites and are compatible with nearly every scripting language available.

The main differences between the two are their operating systems. Windows runs a version of the IIS software, while Linux runs the Apache server. Linux is open-source and can run many different distributions, including CentOS, Debian, and Red Hat. It is also less expensive than Windows because it is free to use and doesn’t require any additional capital for software licensing. Linux is also perfect for shared hosting since you don’t need to worry about security or scalability.

When choosing between Linux and Windows hosting platforms, it is essential to determine what features are important for you. Linux will support PHP, Python, and other languages, while Windows is more suited to ASP,.NET, and IIS. Both platforms come with additional features and advantages, so it is important to understand both sides of the argument before making your final choice. You can even choose reseller hosting, which gives you greater flexibility in your choice of platform. The benefits and disadvantages of each platform are outlined below.

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