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Bonus Features and Special Rounds in Online Slots

Online slot world has progressed far past simple lever-pulling and reel spinning; today there are an abundance of bonus features and special rounds that elevate gameplay even further.

Special features in-game may include Bonus Wheel, Mini-Slot, Pick a Bonus and Jackpot Bonus rounds as well as other unique features outlined in the paytable. Each of these may be activated through various means.

Bonus Buy feature

Online slot machines with bonus buy features give players a shortcut to gaining entry to bonus rounds faster and often offer higher RTP (return on player investment) when unlocked – increasing winning potential considerably. Accessing such tools may cost extra though.

Purchase prices vary for each game, but are typically equal or greater than what would have been spent without activating any bonuses. This price may include base bet and additional features like additional spins or starting multipliers.

This option is great for players looking for instantaneous satisfaction and those who only have limited time available, such as during their morning commute or lunch break. You can check out amb slot.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are an integral component of slot games and they can unlock various bonus features and help players win big payouts when three or more appear anywhere on the reels during a spin. Furthermore, scatters pay both ways compared to video slots which only award winning combinations from left to right.

Scatter symbols vary between slots, but in general they act to activate mini-games, free spin rounds, jackpots and additional bonuses such as extra coin credits or enhanced winning multipliers – these features should be listed on each game’s paytable. Try out สล็อตเว็บตรง.


Multipliers can dramatically boost players’ winnings in online slot games. By multiplying line wins or total wins by 2x to 100x depending on the game, multipliers can significantly boost winnings of players – often seen in bonus rounds or free spins rounds.

Multipliers typically add excitement to any base game or bonus game win and add an element of surprise, but they can also be linked with specific symbols or used to activate additional special features. You can also check out jili slot.

Scatters are an excellent example of multipliers. Not only can they trigger scatter-triggered bonus games, they also act as multipliers to any base game or bonus game win – offering another great way to increase your bankroll and can potentially become very lucrative!

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are among the most beloved features available to online slot gamers, offering generous payouts when placed along a winning payline. Wilds can replace any symbol (except scatter and bonus icons ) to form winning combinations and can even trigger bonus games!

Wild symbols are easily recognizable, often featuring an inscription or depiction that relates to the slot’s theme, along with an accompanying color. Players should consult the paytable of their desired slot game in order to ascertain which symbols act as wilds and what they replace; depending on which game, there may also be various types such as expanding, sticky, shifting and walking wilds – some even feature multipliers like those seen in Jimi Hendrix slot game!

Bonus rounds

A good slot game’s bonus round should provide players with multiple opportunities for winning. These could range from free spins with multipliers, pick ’em games, or spinning wheels; often adding an additional level of interactivity and excitement to their base game experience.

These mini-games often tie into the base game’s theme, adding depth and complexity that would otherwise be limited to luck-based action. Furthermore, these features allow for greater wins than are possible through traditional spinning reels alone. Before beginning to play slots that offer Mystery bonus rounds, gamblers should consult the paytable in order to familiarise themselves with how these features operate as well as any prizes they might win from these mini games.

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